Variations in Baccarat

We all know that baccarat came from Italy during and the Middle Ages spread to different parts of the world. We also know that baccarat has undergone many changes in terms of play and rules of the game.

The baccarat game is called by different names in different countries. This is because when baccarat has spread and put roots in a country the country and people have made baccarat their own. This causes the birth of different baccarat variations.

Baccarat variations normally differ in the following elements: The number of decks, the number of players, the rules for the design, the payouts and the odds, and the format and layout of the table. Different baccarat variations include Chemin de Fer in French and Europe, Punto Banco in the Banque en Banque, Cuba and European Baccarat in Europe and mini Baccarat.

Chemin de Fer is the name of baccarat in France. This literally means “guide road.” It must remember that baccarat came to France around the year of 1500s and was played by the rich and famous ever since. This baccarat variation has earned quite a name in the rest of Europe as well.

Chemin de Fer prescribes at least two players. The gambling house does not finance the game like other baccarat variations. In this version, one does not need the wager on the bank or the players. One can be the bank, the player or just a spectator wagering in every game. Players can so choose to give up the bank’s position to other players. The Chemin de Fer rules in standing and striking vary greatly from its American counterparts, thus giving this baccarat variant more room for flexibility.

European baccarat would be the most famous baccarat variant in Europe. Similar to Chemin de Fer, European Baccarat is also financed by the banker. The banker also determines the limit to bet. If for example the banker decides that the protection of the game would be only $ 2000 and a player already bet $ 1500 and another $ 500 bet then more wagers could not be made for that hand. It is said that European Baccarat has smaller game protections than other variants where the casino forms a game fund.

There are other variants of baccarat but I will not mention them here anymore. Suffice it to say that although baccarat has evolved into a game with many variations, it is still considered by many to be the game of the most elegant and high-class casino of all.

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