How long should you play table games

The game math can clearly tell us the average victory or loss expected in each game by ensuring the betting levels with a simple formula:

The number of betting decisions x x at hours the number of hours x played the casino edge of x = expected loss / win

and if the player wants to play the game of blackjack for an hour with $ 10 per hand and play the basic strategy with a percent of the disadvantage, the player might expect to lose about $ 4. The calculation goes: $ 10 x 80 decisions x 1 hour x .005 = $ 4. The player can fix with all the game and could find this as an average amount. Unluckily, due to the streaks and the nature of chance, the formula above really can not tell the player if they are going to win or lose.

Players can not expect to win or lose and can not really match the average result. There are many wonderful things that could happen.

Here are some examples of an unexpected win and a losing experience:

1) Located at Maximum Casino in the year 1995 in July in Las Vegas, the player won 23 straight hands with his $ 5; some games are double, splits with doubles or splits. In the game of blackjack he played heads up as opposed to the dealer with a six deck card game. On his fourth hand he started to increase his bets and the player won a few more dollars in that game.

2) July 14th in the year 2000 at Caesars Palace, a type witnessed that the number 7 comes up at the later times of the roulette wheel six. This is very rare to happen.

3) Desert Inn, it was February 1998. An expert named John Robinson slot goes the 93 rotations on the slot machine and did not even get one hit.

4) It was August of 2000, a player played at the left to drive with $ 10 in each hand and lost $ 300 without winning a hand. This was in Bally’s Atlantic City.

5) In the game of roulette, a specific player lost 11 times on betting red while the black came up 12 times. This happened at the Imperial Palace located in Las Vegas, August 1994.

You can protect yourself from slipping down the storm drain with all your money in the casino. Here is a very simple formula that can help you identify what you need to bring to the casino if you want to play for one hour at your favorite game; this is also to make sure that you will not go home broke. Do you know what the formula is? Just bring the right amount of money that you can do within the casino for about an hour of playing the game last time.

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